February 27, 2014

AngularJS - Best resources for learning ui-router

ui-router is an angular module that replaces the default routing mechanism. It is more flexible than the default and recommended by the AngularJS community. However it is still in active development

This is a collection of resources about ui-router, from simple to more complex.

ui-router project on git

Intro video to ui-router (5 mins)

Another intro video to ui-router (first 15 minutes).

A great article about ui-router (more indepth)

In-depth video about ui-router (50 min) + with http://slid.es/timkindberg/ui-router#/

Related Resources

One way to setup authentication in AngularJS

Builds on the article above, but using ui-router

Video - Writing a Massive Angular App at Google NG Conf (good tips about authentication in the first part)

If you have additional suggestions, let me know and I will add them here.