November 10, 2012

Jerker Desk Replacement Screws and Bolts

Yes, there is a cult like following on the internet for IKEA Jerker Desks.

It's hard to find replacement screws for the desk since it's discontinued. Here's a list of the screw sizes I found at Lowe's that should work with any Jerker desk. I used these to add on some additional shelves (since I only had the screws and bolts that came with the main table part of the desk)

You can find these at your local Lowe's or HomeDepot store in the METRIC/European section of the nuts and bolts isle. Ask for it, it's there :-)

Screws - Hex Cap Screws (Class 8.8 - M6-1.00x50)
Nuts - Hex Nuts (Class 8 - M6-1.00) [option 1]
Nuts - Insert Lock Nuts (Nylon Class 8 - M6-1.00) [option 2]
Washers - Flat Washers - 6mm

TIP: Use the washers between the metal part and the nut for tighter grip]

I got the Jerker desk a while back, as I needed a better desk for programming. I wouldn't say it's the most amazing desk ever but it's comfortamble and makes excellent use of space particularly if you have multiple things you need around eg. scanner, printer, subwoofer, midi keyboard etc.

IKEA has a similar desk on sale called the FREDRIK. Some people seem to think the Jerker desk doesn't even compare with the FREDERIK, but I don't know as I've never tried it so can't compare.

So far the Jerker desk is great for what I need. Use your own judgement.

Hope you found this useful in case you are looking to add some additional shelves to your Jerker desk.