July 16, 2010

Publishing to Tomcat takes a long time on Eclipse Helios

I've you've just upgraded to Eclipse Helios and have noticed Tomcat takes a very long time to load and re-load whenever there is a change in the project, try the following steps:

  1. Download the Web Tools Project files for version 3.2.1 from here 
  2. Close Eclipse
  3. Edit the eclipse/eclipse.ini file by adding the following lines to the end
  4. Extract the entire contents of the zip file into your eclipse/dropins folder. You can keep the folder structure from the zip file so you end up with eclipse/dropins/eclipse/...
  5. Start eclipse up again
  6. Open the: eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator\bundles.info file and look for the string: org.eclipse.jst.j2ee  
    if you see a version greater than org.eclipse.jst.j2ee,1.1.400 then you should be good to go.